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Show More. No Downloads. Views Total views. Actions Shares. Embeds 0 No embeds. No notes for slide. EM 2. Combustion chamber consists of cylinder head, pis- ton, injector installed to the cylinder head and valve.

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Fuel is supplied to supply pump through the fuel filter installed to the frame. Fuel is also supplied to injectors through injection pipe No. Combustion is accomplished when fuel is injected di- rectly into combustion chamber, at that time explosion pressure applies to the piston directly.

For better efficient cooling of combustion chamber, water director is press-fit under cylinder head floor, which induces the coolant flow. Heat resistant steel with surface treatment is used for intake and exhaust valve.

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The valve seat angle is Valve stem seal, installed to the stem, adjusts the lubricant amount on the sliding surface of valve and valve guide. NOTE Valve guide with carbon cutter is used for exhaust valve. Valve spring consists of two valve springs having ir- regular pitches.

The coil directions of inner and outer springs are opposite each other. Rocker shaft is hollow cylindrical rod, whose each end are sealed with sealing cap.

Inner space of the shaft is an engine oil passage. Steel ball is installed to the lower end of push rod and rocker assembly is installed to upper end.

Tappet has a cylindrical shape. As enlarging the con- tacting surface contacted with camshaft, it helps to prevent partial wear and to increase its durability.

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  • Camshaft assembly 1 consists of cam sensor plate, thrust plate, cam and journal. Camshaft gear is cou- pled with the idler gear A 2. Crankcase is manufactured firmly with cast iron to prevent stress concentration and deformation.

    The 5 camshaft bushes are installed to the camshaft bore of the crankcase. To facilitate the removal and installation of camshaft, inner diameter of bush is tapered to the rear side. Do not remove the cam sensor plate unless it is damaged. Cylinder sleeve made of special cast iron is pressed fit into the crankcase. Piston pin type is full float type and piston pin is offset from thrust.

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    Marks on the piston indicate weight, part number and oversize. The front mark indicates the front direction of the engine. All sliding surfaces of rings are coated with hardened chrome. Compression ring No. Crankshaft is forged with high-strength alloy built in with balance weight. Pin, journal and oil seal sliding-surface are hardened with high frequency heat treatment to raise the resis- tance against frictional wear.

    Through oil passage at the pin and journal, oil lubri- cates main bearing. Oil flows to the pin for the lubri- cation of connecting rod bearing. Crankshaft pulley and crankshaft gear are installed at the front end of crankshaft. The crankshaft pulley drives alternator and water pump using V-belt. Crankshaft damper pulley absorbs the distorting vi- bration of crankshaft. Crankshaft gear 1 drives camshaft gear 2 , idler gear A 3 , idler gear B 4 , supply pump gear 5 and oil pump gear 6.

    Divided type thrust plate is installed to the both ends of the last bearing No.

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    Upper main bearing No. Timing gear is installed in the timing gear case at the front of engine. Each gear is helical gear manufactured with high pre- cision and its surface is treated by heat to enhance the durability. Timing marks are marked on the gear. When assem- bling, by aligning the timing marks, gears can be en- gaged correctly. Bushes are press-fit into idler gear, which rotates idler shaft A 1 and idler shaft B 2.

    Idler shaft and gear oil hole provides oil passage to lubricate bush and gear. Flywheel is made of forged iron. Pilot bearing of trans- mission drive pinion is disposed at the center portion.

    Ring gear which can be geared with starter pinion is pressed fit at the circumferential of the flywheel. Processed is formed at the outer diameter of the fly- wheel to measure the engine rpm. Before performing on-vehicle inspection, check to see whether engine oil, starter motor and battery are in normal condition.

    Stop the engine and remove the ECM fuse. Remove all injectors from cylinder head. Crank the engine to remove the foreign materials from cylinders. Install compression gauge adaptor to- gether with gasket and then, connect the compression gauge. Crank the engine and measure the compression pres- sure. Take care that fuel is not injected. Since compression pressure varies depend- ing on the engine speed, be careful in mea- suring.

    Since worn amounts of each cylinder are dif- ferent, measure the pressure at all cylinders. Measure the compression pressure of all cylinders to see if all compression pressures are within the limit. If the compression pressure difference of any cylinder exceeds the limit, fill some engine oil through injector hole and measure the compression pressure of the cylinder again.

    Thrust plate Idler gear A Idler shaft Oil pump gear Crankshaft gear O-ring Thrust plate 2. Semicircular key 3.

    Sealing cap If the cam sensor plate is not damaged, do not remove. Tightening Torque : Nm kgf. Loosen the alternator 1 tensioner screw 2 and re- move the V-belt 3. Remove the cooling fan 1 and auto cooling fan cou- pling 2.