Можно ли перегести унитаз

Можно ли перегести унитаз

все можно, только надо к этому серьезно подходить и все узнать. Конечно, можно поставить. Возможен ли Для обеспечения нужного уклона канализационной трубы унитаз можно.  · ТОП 10 ПЕТАРД В УНИТАЗЕ 🔥 УНИТАЗ + БОЛЬШАЯ ПЕТАРДА МОЖНО ЛИ ДОЛЕТЕТЬ ДО МАРСА Автор: Despair.  · 🔥 Можно ли на В УНИТАЗЕ 🔥 УНИТАЗ + БОЛЬШАЯ ПЕТАРДА 💥 КОРСАР 12 превратил унитаз Автор: GoldenBurst. Можно ли так перенести то тройник с выводом на унитаз можно развернуть на нужный.

Greetings to all. Give advice on the next issue.

Технология переноса унитаза

Preparing for the repair of toilets, no change want to keep only the floor and in fact But I do not like that, he should not tight against the wall. Move it further then there are no problems, but what to do with drain? Tried to make pictures Thank you in advance for your advice Suever wrote: IMHO, so leave, flexi hose, too, not much will move, it is ripple is also a place nado. A expand iron, to put it mildly, is not easy The corrugations I kakraz these 10 centimeters choose, I already died, but I do not trust her I also thought about this option, but the floor is laid out there is very good and a very good tile, would not want to touch it, or I, under this option, 8 centimeters higher than the output from the toilet to get caught.

Probably have to leave so, then we will change the toilet I will have to choose the place Thanks to all responded! Project declaration on the advertised website. Good afternoon! Conceived bathroom renovation.

We want to combine it with a toilet. For the convenience of re-planning is necessary to move the toilet. I doubt that it can be Is it real? And how to make sure not to run into problems in the further operation of the equipment?

«Подводные камни» данных работ

Transfer the bowl at a distance from the riser can be. However, it is simple at first glance, the event has a lot of nuances that affect the continued use of the equipment. Plumbers warn that the greater the distance sewer riser will have to overcome impurity, the higher the risk of clogging. Some "masters" say it is not so, because the theory of contamination in any event "will reach" the goal.

It is true, but also a "foothold" features on the site on a long journey much more. Another problem - the unpleasant sewage smell in the room.

It is associated with excessive negative pressure, which inevitably too long sewers.

Можно ли перегести унитаз

In this case, each wash will be followed by sucking water out of the nearby plumbing fixtures and disruption of their hydraulic locks. Besides odor of sewage will still nasty gurgling sounds. To dispense with the above problems, it is necessary to implement the recommendations of the current SNIP. Document instructs to transfer the toilet is not more than 1. In addition to "correct" the removal must also comply with the desired slope by which a pipeline is to be laid.

Что делать, если телефон упал в воду. Первая помощь утопающему

For details of a mm diameter value of the slope is 2 cm per meter. For elements diameter 50 mm bias can not be less than 3 cm per meter. These recommendations should be strictly observed, otherwise problems with clogging up can not be avoided. Reducing recommended parameters will reduce the fluid velocity, resulting in clogging. The increase in the slope, on the other hand, will cause the water to move too quickly.

She will not have time to capture solid contaminants, which will begin to accumulate in the pipe and eventually it will block completely. It turns out that most of the toilet when you transfer to another location is necessary to lift, to thereby provide the required slope pipe. Thus, depending on the transfer distance can get quite respectable amount of boost.

In addition, a pipe connecting the riser and a toilet, as well as the need to somehow mask. Given that the diameter is large enough, you may need to raise the floor, or to equip a small podium, especially under the sanitary equipment.

Another important detail: when laying a new pipeline should be avoided right angles.

Как правильно завязивают галстук

Otherwise, the likelihood of blockages in the pipe is increasing dramatically. All the above requirements are required when moving the toilet. But even they do not work, if you want to transfer the equipment to a larger than specified in SNIP distance, or its recommendations are difficult to achieve. The decision is also in this case.

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  • The first - the transfer of the riser, which is extremely troublesome. The second - the use of special equipment, which is intended for forced canalization. It makes the system work in an environment where conventional gravity sewer can not cope with their functions. For arranging such facilities typically used sololift or fecal pump. It is a compact device that can be placed behind the toilet tank or inside it.

    Device representing a powerful pump equipped with chopper blades, sewage pumps, crushes the solid waste, and the resulting mass is pushed into the sewer. One of the main advantages of equipment - the ability to use small diameter sewer pipes from 18 to 40 mm, which is very easy to hide even behind a plasterboard wall.

    It can be used without problems divert sewage at a distance of about meters vertically and about meters horizontally.

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  • For installation device, no additional construction work are needed. Choosing sololift for forced canalization drains need to bear in mind that if you plan to connect it to the washing machine or shower, you need to choose a model with a relatively high temperature limit for the effluent.

    Otherwise, the device very quickly fail. Available in versions with short-term protection, which allows the pump to pump hot stocks.

    Можно ли перегести унитаз

    However, it is only for a half-hour operation. Continuous operation with a heated fluid such devices also contraindicated. In the technical recommendations for the transfer of the bowl from the riser are not much different from the standard instructions to the device connection. The only difference - in the installation of a longer pipeline, laid on an incline. Setting chopper pumps are manufactured in strict accordance with the requirements of the instructions.

    It sets a new toilet, but the distance between the toilet tank and the wall is large. How to make the minimum distance? Thank you in advance for your help! Chugunin and probably iron risers. Stick it in plastic - and something that looks like a risunke. Ta Chugunin that sticks out of the wall-on it must get out of the toilet, tile does not.

    Make tide-is necessary peredelyvvat riser. In the toilet there is a "water trap" - it should always be above the sink line and you tile over it and it turns out higher, but the pipe must be flexible and sealed. And water seal must always be connected to the riser above the sewer pipe.

    Можно ли перегести унитаз

    In your situation it seems that it is possible to lift and fix the toilet and use a corrugated schlang sealant. We have the same similar story - change the entire cast on plastic.

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    From the first to the ninth floor. It ran out of time chugunov- detergents with machines ate. Irina, who told it to you? By the way, Whose is the" discovery of the director, "about the stone?

    Случаи опасного прониконвения воды в телефон

    I do not know why you asked a visiting plumber kind of money? Again: "preload" and invite the normal plumbing.

    Можно ли снимать 30 минут вмдео на никон д3100

    About the plumbing, I realized Then this: A little further Felix wrote to you all right. You sticking out from the wall outlet - Extension. It is necessary to pull it out, cut to the desired length you are here explained how this measure , chamfer at the end of the tube and through the grease stick on mesto.

    Suschestvuyuschaya eyeliner to the toilet maybe suitable. Do not climb. Here we need tough men sila. Priglasite someone of the men "with hands" like work.

    Judging by the age sorry You are running And with flexible connection is necessary to understand in the first place! Peasant "with hands" is still half a day. Judging by the photos of the wall sticking out of PVC pipe mm. If option 1 , the tee turn up in this case clockwise-sm. If option 2 , m. With iron lounger and it stuck PVC tee, after rotation in the joint between cast iron and PVC which is only one place left and right again apparently lounger diam. And yet! Of course, you may have to remove a few tiles on top of the tee, so they will not turn it up!

    Good luck!